Submitting Posts for Publication

The IG-IO Blog accepts unsolicited submissions of posts on the theme of international organisations. Contributions must be less than 1,500 words; must written in English of good quality, must be clear, direct, to the point and well structured; and must be civil and respectful in tone throughout. The IG-IO Blog adopts the same Style Guidelines for Post Submissions adopted by Ejil:Talk!, which can be found here. All submissions are subject to review. To submit a post for consideration, please send it as a Word document attached to an email to the IG-IO Coordinating Committee clearly indicating your affiliation.

Submitting Other Materials

We encourage you to use the space below to submit materials about conferences, seminars, calls for papers, recently published papers, or blog posts. We kindly ask you to append a small blurb summarizing any material you submit. Relevant submissions will be turned into a Small News Item published on the IG-IO Blog.

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